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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you to EVERYONE who has ordered!
When "Mini Madness" hits
I try to at least email back Thanks
So you know I saw your order
getting ready to leave
senior daughter
mom went to hospital
work (real job)
dance show
and MORE!
I did not get to email everyone back!
If you didn't hear from me.....
Don't Worry!
I ordered plenty and will take care of Everyone!
A lot of people told me of several different
Cricut ladies who sent them to my blog
They know who they are...
Now, I leave Friday morning, Early
I will have internet access once
I arrive in Florida. I will answer
emails as quickly as I can.
I will be home on Tuesday evening
I expect to be shipping the latest
round of Seasonal carts by the
end of the week. I will be sending paypal
requests the whole time I am gone.
It's a 3 hour time difference, I'm thinking
I'll have time when they go to sleep.
Did I forget anything? Probably!
Thanks Everyone!

1 comment:

  1. You know this Cricut Lady sends all her Swarmers to you. Wouldn't buy my mini's from anyone else.