This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Copic Link for colors

I hope this works! Here is a link to the number and color of the copics I got in today. I have a very limited supply, I can order more and they ship pretty quick. Email me for more info

Friday, June 25, 2010

Scor-Buddies arriving next week!

Just got shipping notice for the Scor-buddies!
Next week is going to be a Busy Week!!
I bought extra buddies,
if you haven't ordered yet......
Now's the time!
Fall Mini's will be shipping out on
Thursday and Friday!
I ordered plenty!! When there gone.......
So, there's still time to order!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

JustRite Christmas Stamps!

JustRite Stampers has released the pictures of there new Christmas Collections! they will be released in 2 stages, July and August. Here is a link to go see the sets: (copy & paste) I am still out of town and so I apologize for No pictures or Prices posted here! I will fix that as soon as I can!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have just been informed that the fall mini's are in the warehouse! That means I will be shipping mini's one day next week!!! I will post as soon as I know what day I will be shipping. It also means......get your payments in! I am still out of town I will be going through my emails as fast as I can when I get home and sending invoices, but if you could send payment on your own that would speed up the process for everyone! Please email me if you have any questions. that email is for paypal also.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Limited Blue Cuttlebug

Limited Edition Blue Cuttlebug Bundle
Includes: Machine, set of 3 scissors,
paper cutter and tweezers.
$60.95 plus shipping

I must be Crazy! Read on!

So, I'm in Florida still....... PC releases the Fall Mini's the day I leave. I get here and I see the Pink ATG and I think hmmm, I can sell that cheaper. My phone has been buzzing all week! Thank you everyone, Literally you have kept me sane! So, I just placed an order so it would arrive when I'm home next week. Guess What I ordered???? Copics! That is why I must be Crazy! I ordered 72 different colors, the most popular, supposedly anyhow. If you are interested in Copics email me and I will try to give you as much info as I can regarding colors, price etc...... If you are interested in any new punches from Martha Stewart, let me know, I will try to get prices and availability. They would be a pre-order of course! Thank Again!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink ATG with 2 rolls of tape!

$21.95 each plus shipping
it does come with 2 rolls of tape.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here are the Pictures for the Fall Mini's!
Shipping Mid July!
Order all 3 mini cartridges for $53.00 ($57.95 with shipping)
Or $18.99 Each,
More info at the bottom
of post on shipping
To order please email me at
I will need the following:
Message board name (if you have one)
Zipcode or country (VERY IMPORTANT)
Email address
Paypal email address (or tell me money order etc....)
Which cartridges you want!
Thank you, all this information
helps me to order
and helps a lot when it comes time to ship!

October 31st

H2O Pumpkin Carving
Because this is such a HUGE order, I am asking everyone that orders to please put a $5.00 deposit down (NOT refundable).I'm asking for a deposit because I only order cartridges for those that have pre-orderedI can't afford to be stuck with any extra cartridges in case of cancellations.This will be taken off your total when they are ready to ship. When I have confirmation from Provo Craft that the order has shipped to me,I will Post here. Be sure to watch this blog for updates.The sooner you pay the balance the sooner your package goes out.I hope everyone understands what I am saying here, My paypal addy is: I thought I would break it down for everyone
whether they ordered 1,2 or all 3 cartridges. Shipping Amounts to US and Canada
1 - Cartridge - $2.50
2 - Cartridges - $3.00
3 - Cartridges - $4.95
Totals with Shipping
1- $21.49
2- $40.98
3- $57.95
Shipping to Anywhere Else needs to be determined on a one to one basis.
Obviously if you live out of the US your shipping will be different.For those of you that ordered double sets, I will let you know what shipping is.I am accepting Paypal or Money Orders for payment.You do not have to have a paypal account for me to send you a invoiceI just send it to your email and you follow the steps to pay

Monday, June 14, 2010

Heartfelt Stamps are here!

Fast shipping from Heartfelt Stamps!
I can ship tomorrow and Wednesday...
That's it until Monday the 28th of June!
I'll need your zip code to figure shipping,
each set is $11.75 plus shipping
See post below for pictures!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots of News!

I am going to start carrying these stamps.
If you want to be in on the
first order please email me
and let me know what sets you like.
If you need the Nestie set, let me know that also.
Buying the 4 pack of flowers
is the cheapest way to go,
if you want all 4 flower sets
Cricut Lite!!!!!
Yes, these are exclusive to Walmart!
Can you believe it? I can't.
If you do not live near a walmart I am
willing to go buy them for you and
you pay the cost and shipping only!
Let me know!
I'm sorry I just don't have time
to post all the pictures!
I did find some on the web and posted on
the Stamps Alive Facebook page.
Be sure to stop by and "Like" the page!
Remember I am leaving for Florida next week,
I can't belive it's here already!
I will get my emails while gone.
As soon as I get back I should be
shipping Scor-buddies!
I am turning in a Hero Arts
Stamp order before I leave
and it should also be here when I get back.
So if you want any HA stamps, Email me!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Florida Here I Come!

It's Offical, I have bought the tickets!
I will be in the Palm Beach Gardens area
The 3rd week in June!
I'm actually staying in Jupiter Farms
I am flying in and out of Ft. Lauderdale
I have a lot of mileage to play with!
As some of you know,
I will travel with orders to save you shipping!
So, If you live in the area or somewhat
nearby......if you want anything
let me know and I will bring it with me!
I would love to meet up with anyone who
would like to meet up, I love Cracker Barrel!
Email me if you would like to meet!
I did this when I traveled to CHA in January
and again when I went to Utah in April
It was GREAT!