This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Release from Heartfelt Creations

Check out their blog and the video showing a
Beautiful card with the New Release!
I have them in stock, email me to order
I have all the collections in stock
and more arriving this week!
I have some Empty Sketch Markers in stock $3.95
Swatch books $5.50
and the X-press it blending cardstock (125 sheets) $45.95
I am Turning in a Hero Arts Stamp order
If you want anything let me know by Sunday!
I am taking orders now for the
Martha Stewart Cake carts &
the Imagine Cartridges and Accessories
Thanks Everyone!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some, Just Some of the New Tim Holtz is on the way!
Should be here one day this week.....
Once it gets here I'll post what has arrived,
If there's anything left after the pre-orders!
I have so many products new to me or the company
to post and I just don't have time!
I have Heartfelt Creation stamps and dies
Viva Decor products, lots of them!
Foils, 3 different kinds of foil.
Here's a Funny!
you all know how stressed and tired I've been
the headaches, lack of sleep and overal chaos here!
Well on Friday......I got a .......
Not a problem, but really? Do I have time?
Thanks Everyone!

Viva Decor Products!

Precious Metal: color is truly the most vibrant metal paint available today. With Its high opacity, you will need just one brush stroke to create remarkable shimmering effects. Precious metal Color is highly fade and peel resistant. Precious Metal colors can be applied to any surface including glass and metal. To apply, use brush or sponge. Water based acrylic and non toxic. Shake well before using. $6.00 each, Any color Pearl, Cinnamon, Orange Yellow, Pink, Crimson, Rose Pink, Coral, Purple, Blackberry, Lilac, Blue, Pearl Blue, Blue Lagoon, Ice Blue, Turquoise, Green, Emerald Green, Lime, Golden Green, Olive, Pistachio, Pearl Blue, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Silver Red, and Silver Gold.
********************************** The Pearl Pen: range of vibrant colors has been specially formulated to decorate and personalize all your favorite craft items. The Pen has a special semicircular bead-head delivery system to control the size of the half pearl. Simply apply a brilliant pearl drop to create a magical look on all types of fabrics, leather and canvas. The Viva Decor Pearl Pen can also be applied to create stunning effects on handmade greeting cards and used to enrich your scrapbooking albums-the choice is yours.*Easy to control size of droplets*Mother of Pearl Range of Colors*Water based acrylic*Machine washable up to 30 °C*You get your monies worth with this 25 ml tube $4.25 each, any color Ice White, Black, Gold, and Silver
******************************************* Glitter Paste: Use straight from the jar and give your personal objects, pictures and handmade cards a genuine glitter effect. Glitter Paste is entirely unique with the glitter particles embedded into the gel medium. The special formulation ensures it always holds its shape to prevent accidental splatter and spills.You can use it to decorate almost anything at home to make your special things “extra special” One of a kind “Glitz” effects.*No Mess while working with the product on your hands or on the table*Gives the objects a 3D effects*You can spackle, dap, stencil or model it freely*Weather and water resistant $4.95 each, any color Red, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Gold, and Silver
****************************************** Glitter Liner: You can achieve really stunning shimmering glitter colors. This glitter holds its shape. Can be applied to any stable dry surface. With the Glitter Liner you can create 3D lines and pearls on different surfaces. Dried lines or pearl will always keep their original form and shape.*Drying time: Depending on your sub-surface and thickness approx. 12 hours.*Handy pen shape*Does not smear or smudge*Water based acrylic*Weather and water resistant*You get your monies worth with this 25 ml tubeNon-toxic Holo Iridescent $3.75
******************************************** Glass Effects: is an exciting new vibrant transparent gel. Specially formulated to apply on all transparent surfaces to produce your own incredible glass design effects. Apply either a precise drop, use a stencil or dab it on, the choice is yours, to create any number of wonderful glass effects. Glass Effect Gel is also water resistant and photo stable.*Weather and water resistant*Photo stable*Highly transparent*Glass Effect* You get your monies worth with this 25 ml tube Non-toxic Coming Soon!
************************************************* Inka Gold: Elegant metallic shimmering color- very easy to use. Simply apply with a sponge and polish with a gentle rubbing action - suitable for all absorbent surfaces. Use a rotating action. The more you rub, the more glossy and shiny it will become. Fast drying. Fast drying, Contains Natural Bees Wax; Elegant precious metal finish; Easy to apply and polish; Water based acrylic; Weather and water resistant; Works well on other pourous surfaces. 3.5 oz. Colors may vary slightly $9.50 each, Any color Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Rose, Green Yellow, Orange, Violet, Old Silver, Graphite, Haematite, Lava Green, Cobalt Blue, Steel Blue, Lava Red, Indian Yellow, Yellow Gold, and Old Gold. ************************************************* Viva D├ęcor Modeling Cream: has a creamy consistency and a brilliant color palette. These beautiful colors are fade and water-resistant. You can achieve extraordinary three-dimensional effects by simply applying with a palette knife or brush. Great for stenciling! Modeling Cream can be used on any clean dry surface including paper, cardboard, foil, Styrofoam and much more. Modeling cream is acrylic water based and nontoxic. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fun Tip: Apply several thin coats of different colors onto a surface to create special holographic effects. 250 ml colors may vary slightly small (3 oz)$6.00 large (8.5 oz)$9.00 Pearl Champange, Pearl, Pearl Yellow, Pearl Orange, Pearl Rose, Pearl Hydrangea, Pearl Burgundy, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Mint, Pearl Light Green, Metallic colors: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Platinum, Gold Green, Gold Red, Gold Orange
********************************************** Satine: is a textured cream. It can be used on glass, ceramic or plastic surface to create a sand blasted effect.Directions: Apply with a brush. When using stencils, apply Satine with a sponge and dab lightly for best results. $5.50 each, Any color Natural, Ruby Red, Violet, Lilac, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Pearl ********************************************** Terra: Creating an authentic Mediterranean look has never been easier! Transform ordinary household objects into timeless terracotta treasures. Imparts the look and feels of terracotta without the chipping and cracking. Terra can be used on wood, stone, cardboard, plastic, pottery and many other surfaces. For a typical terracotta effect, lightly sand it with fine sandpaper after Terra is completely dry. Use different tools for various textures. Terra is waterproof and weather resistant. Ideal for out door pottery decorations. $5.50 each, any color Italian, Spanish, Moroccan Red, Kenya, and Sahara

Link to online Catalog to see colors:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great News! Good News and ....not so good news.

The Great News you may have noticed below....
Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges
$42.95 Each!
The Good News?
Nifty Fifties is in the house!
My house and ready to ship to you!
The Not so Good News?
Birthday Bash won't be out until
Mid October! Yuck!
If you ordered both, Let me know if you want
Nifty Fifties Now and B-day Bash later.
Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges, All occasions, Seasonal and Elegant

Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges
Being Released Mid October
$54.95 Each NOT!!
How about $42.95 Each!
I like that a lot better!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spellbinders is now saying
the Beaded Ovals won't be in until
October 22nd!
Sorry, if you are waiting on them from me.
If you have ordered anything from me in the last 2 weeks and haven't heard from me, please email me and let me know! The last 2 weeks have been awful! Late orders, headaches, school started, it has been one thing after another.
I truly apologize if I have missed anyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prices for Imagine Products

Prices below for:
The New Imagine Carts and Accessories.
Prices subject to change,
PC has changed prices a few times already.
I am taking orders now,
Everything starts shipping the
First part of October!

Cricut Imagine, Yummy $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Best Friends $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Nursery Tails $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Kate's Kitchen $64.95 Cricut Imagine, JT $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Imagine More Cards $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Better Together $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Country Carnival $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Blast Off $64.95 Cricut Imagine, Snow Angel $64.95

Cricut Imagine, Hopscotch $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Ancestry $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Elise $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Mr. Frosty $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Blossom $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Mystical Garden $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Snapshot: Nature $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Snapshot: Texture $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Snapshot: Everyday $34.95 Cricut Imagine, Audrey $34.95

Black Ink Print Cartridge $30.95 Tri-color Ink Print Cartridge $34.95

Full Adhesive-Backed Printable Vinyl, 5 Sheets $7.95

Cricut Imagine 12" x 12" Cutting Mat $9.95

New Cricut Cartridges

2 Brand New Cartridges!
Shipping to Me
The last week in September
Order Now!
Nifty Fifty's
Birthday Bash

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They are HERE!!!
It is a conspiracy to keep me from the MINI's!
I am on the other side of town, with my Daughter
When we are done here...... it's Open House tonight!
Seriously? Could they have picked a better night?
But, I will be home by 7:30 my time and packing like Mad!
I know some of you still don't have a paypal request yet
It's ok, I will get everything out by tomorrow!
No Matter What!
The My Pink Stamper stamps came today too!
Busy, busy, busy! That's me!
Tomorrow is Hello Thursday!
I will be ordering the New Cartridges
Just as soon as they let us start ordering!
Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally!! A Tracking Number from PC!
The Rest of the Mini's will be here tomorrow!
I will be pulling an all nighter so that the
majority of the orders will go out Thursday AM!
Some will be Thursday afternoon
because I need to
walk them into the Post Office.
I am so Thankful they will finally be here!
I can quit stressing over them!
Move on to the next stressful Item! LOL
Thanks Everyone

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have a call in and I sent an email!
I am extremely Peeved!
Which totally stresses me out
Because it makes me think
how Peeved my Customers
Must be!
I am so sorry!
I know it's not my fault,
I know there's Nothing I can do,
But, I still feel so bad that
all of you have been Waiting
So Long!
I am going to bed
Tomorrow is another day.
I am going to Battle Tomorrow
Wish me Luck!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Item! Crafter's Workshop Stencils

Stencils from the Crafter's Workshop are perfect for card making, doodling, tracing, stencling, sponging, strippling, spritzing, chalking and more!
All Templates are 6 x 6 Unless otherwise noted
Works great with paper, fabric or
even embossing paste!
Discover the endless possibilities!
6 X 6 Stencils $3.50each
12 X 12 Stencils $4.50 each

Flurries 12 x 12 available

Daisy Cluster
Winter Wonderland Tie Dyed
Butterfly Ballet
Zebra Print 12 x 12 Available
Maple Leaves
Flower Shower 12 x 12 Available
Gathered Flowers 12 x 12 Available
Festive Peace
Flower Frenzy
Cosmic Swirls
Retro Square
Cosmic Bubbles
Retro Bubbles

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Mini's today. I'll just get that over with.
This is very depressing for me!
I just feel like I am letting so many people down!
I'm so sorry, There is nothing I can do.
Finger's crossed for a Monday delivery!
I got in all my new Crafter's Workshop Templates
I don't even have the pictures up on the blog!
I will work on that this weekend
I also have a new product by
Viva Decor called Modeling paste
I have all the colors in stock and
this product will go great with any template
or stencil you own already.
Another thing to work on this weekend.
I was up almost all night with a migraine
you know, the kind where your convinced you
have a brain tumor or bleeding on the brain.
No, I have had the ct scans and the xrays.
I have several triggers, the usual, stress,
loud noises, bright lights but the worst for me is
Man that is like a jack hammer up my nose
and into my brain! Good smells or Bad smells
My head doesn't care. Oh and the heat, if I
get over heated, throbbing head!
I feel lots better now, I took my meds and
stayed in bed. Got up and ate and feel normal.
What ever that is!
Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good News for those still waiting for
My Pink Stamper Stamps!
They will be here soon! Maybe as soon as
The first part of Next Week!
Fingers Crossed!

Bad News for the Minis!

Still waiting for them to Arrive

I am totally stressing over all the

company's and their back orders

and missing product!

Sorry for the delays!


It is a Tylenol PM night for me,

No sleep last night worrying over

all this stuff, gives me anxiety attacks!

Tonight the meds will help me sleep!

Thanks Everyone!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I started sending Paypal requests tonight,
On a bunch of them I put Fall mini's.
I sure hope you all know I meant Winter Mini's!!
I really do NOT want to go back and redo any of them.
I still have a whole bunch to get through!
I will be shipping this week! FINALLY! I can Offically say.......

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I finally have all the New Spellbinders available.
Except Beaded Ovals.
If you haven't heard from me and You Haven't
ordered something else coming in
Winter Mini's Please email me
so I can get your order right.
The rest of the Winter Mini's will be here
on Wednesday, I will be packing
and shipping Wednesday and Thursday!
I have not filled everyone's
My Pink Stamper order
I did sell out quickly and I did re-order
So, there are more on the way!
I got in Toy Story, Boys will be Boys
and Simply Charmed
Again, if you ordered something else
that is coming soon
I probably did not ship your order,
to save you postage.
I have all the New Dies and Matching stamp set
from Heartfelt Creations in Stock.
I have not had the time to upload the pictures!
The dies are made exclusive for
Heartfelt by Spellbinders
and they design their own stamps.
Here is a link to their website:
Be sure to check out their Gallery
Amazing Creations on the site!!
I received more Pink ATG's and have a few left.
Copics! I have Copics! My Sale continues..
Buy 10 copics @$5.15 and pick 3 FREE!!
Copic Swatch book on Order also!
I also received my order of EK Success punches
Pictures under the Misc tab at the top.
Have a GREAT Weekend!
Thank Everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just got word the missing Spellbinders
are on the way!
The 2 missing Winter Mini's are also on the way.
What a Huge mix up that was!
You know the saying
"if it can go wrong, it will go wrong?"
I got a small order of Scor Buddy's in
The are out of stock
until Mid October at Scor-Pal
The EK punches arrived Yesterday
The My Pink Stamper Stamps arrived
and are gone. More arriving Soon!!
It appears JustRite Stamps is going
To go back to the wood Stampers
I got an email that they (JR) prefer
the impression the wood stampers give
over the new clear stampers.
The smaller sizes are ok, but they totally
decided not to sell the bigger clear stampers.
I am answering emails as fast as I can!
School started, so did dance class......
which means I am a "Mom's Taxi Service" again!
Thanks Everyone!