This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

99% shipped! YAY!!!!

Well, the mini carts are 99% shipped. There are still a few Pre-Orders I need to puzzle out. All the out of Countries were shipped today. I walked those into the post office myself. Poor Hubby took all the rest of the packages (with the postage already on). He personally scanned each and everyone. Sometimes the Postal Workers are to busy to scan the packages? Huh, aren't they suppose to?? A peev of DH and mine. If you haven't heard from me and you still owe money please Email me. If you asked me my name right now I'd have to think before I answered you. I am exhausted! I also still have a few extras, those are going fast! Happy Halloween Everyone! Stay Safe! Vegas People, I will be at the Target store on Water st and Lake Mead (in Henderson) on Monday evening 6PM if you would like to meet me there to get your Cartridges or Christmas Folders. West and North West Vegas People, How about Tuesday afternoon 2-2:30 ish Joann's on Rainbow? Let me know if it works for you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes! Just got shipping confirmation!

The carts will be in
the mail on Friday!
Most will go out early Friday,
The rest will go during the day.
For those that ordered the
Christmas Cuttlebug Folders....
Guess What ??
They will be arriving also!
Can you believe
how long we have waited
for those blasted folders!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shipping!! New Info on Mini Carts!

Fingers Crossed I should be shipping Cartridges out by Friday! Yeah!!! I can't wait to get these carts, it is going to be a nightmare.....but a fun one! First let me say I was able to order some extra Cartridges, so I will have extras. To order those, I need First and Last name, Email address for paypal, exactly which carts you want. I also will collect payment in full, because these will be shipping soon. Now, for everyone that pre-ordered and made a deposit. Your balance is due ASAP, I am shipping out starting with those already paid in full. If you live in Las Vegas, don't worry about paypal, I will collect payment with delivery. Here are the totals for cartridges; Totals with Shipping US and Canada ONLY! 1- $19.49 2- $36.98 3- $52.95 Just subtract your deposit from your total (1 cart, 2 carts or 3 carts). you can paypal your balance to through paypal. Money Orders are also excepted. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks,

Friday, October 23, 2009

New !! JustRite Stamps!!

Here they are! The long awaited SQUARE stampers from JustRite! I am taking orders Now, These stamps will be shipping in November. JB-09100 $22.50 Custom Design Cardmaking Kit This Cardmaking Kit includes a 2" Round Stamper, 95pt uppercase Times New Roman font set (36 pieces), 50pt uppercase TNR font set (92 pieces), 15pt TNR font set for customizing borders, and 10 (1-5/8") borders and centers. JB-09060 $9.75 2" Square Decorative Frames 6 Square Borders Included. (Wood Stamper Not Included.)
JB-09050 $11.75 Decorative 2" Round Wide Borders 9 Wide Borders Included. (Wood Stamper Not Included.)
JB-08790 $12.25 Just a Note Borders & Centers 1 5/8" 10 Borders and Centers Included. Can be used with either 1-5/8" or 2" Round Stampers.(Wood Stamper Not Included)
JB-08407 $7.75 2" Square Wood Stamper Square 2" Stamper onlyBorder enables use of 6 or 15pt font to create custom sayings. 2" and 1 5/8" Centers fit in the center area.
JB-08345 $18.75 Decorative 2" Square Monogram Kit This monogram kit includes a 2" Square Wood Stamper, 4 Square Borders, 95pt uppercase Special Occasions font set (36pcs), 50pt uppercase Spec Occ font set (92pcs), and an uppercase 15pt Spec Occ font set (264pcs)-- that's 392 characters!
JB-08340 $18.75 Deluxe Monogram Kit- 2" Round This monogram kit includes a 2" Round Stamper, 4 Borders, 95pt uppercase Times New Roman font set (36 pieces),50pt uppercase TNR font set (92 pieces), and an uppercase 15pt TNR font set (264 pieces)-- that's 392 characters!
JB-08335 $18.75 Special Occasions Monogram Kit 1 5/8" This monogram kit includes a 1-5/8" Wood Stamper, 3 Borders, 95pt uppercase Special Occasions font set (36 pieces), and a 50pt uppercase Special Occasions font set (92 pieces)-- that's 128 letters! THIS ITEM SHIPS IN DECEMBER.
JB-08330 $18.75 Curlz Monogram Kit 1 5/8" This monogram kit includes a 1-5/8" Wood Stamper, 3 Borders, 95pt uppercase Curlz font set (36 pieces), and a 50pt uppercase Curlz font set (92 pieces)-- that's 128 letters!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sale on JustRite Stamps!

Limited Quanities Available. I will not be reordering this time around, I need to make some room for the New items coming in. And for those to be announced in January......right around the corner! You can click on each link to go to the JustRite site for a better description. Email me at: to order. JB-08645 $14.50 Wood Stamper 1-3/16” with 3 Bonus Damask Centers & 60 pt Font Round 1-3/16” JB-08660 $11.50 Recipe Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16" JB-08665 $11.50 Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16" JB-08780 $11.50 Merry Little Christmas Borders & Centers Round 1-5/8” JB-08695 $8.00 What's Cookin' Borders & Centers 1-5/8" JB-08690 $11.50 Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers Set 1-5/8" JB-08650 $11.50 Wood Stamper 2" with Bonus 15pt Font & Center JB-08785 $9.50 Holiday Demi Phrases Round 2” JB-08710 $9.50 Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2" JB-08700 $9.50 Girl Time Borders & Centers Set 2" JB-08705 $9.50 Just A Little Caffeine Borders & Centers Set 2" JB-08655 $12.50 Wood Stamper 2-3/8" with Bonus 25pt Font & Center JB-08775 $9.50 Something Sweet Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8” JB-08715 $9.50 Preserves Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8" JB-08720 $9.50 Homemade Treats Borders & Centers 2-3/8" JB-08725 $9.50 Birthday Wishes Borders & Centers Set 2-3/8" JB-08760 $11.50 Christmas Treasures Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08765 $11.50 Old Fashioned Christmas Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08730 $11.50 Friendship Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08117 Wood Stamper 3-1/4"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More in!

I was able to order extras!! I still have a few left. I am Totally SOLD OUT of the New Mini Cartridges. I'm willing to start a waiting list in case someone doesn't come through. I am expecting my shipment to get to me by the End Of the Month. So, All Balances are Due to be paid by November 1st. I will start shipping the day the order arrives.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Spellbinders 4 pack Nests!

Nestabilities are concentric die template sets.
A single set can cut/emboss in 1/4" increments,
These 4 packs will not be available until the end of November I will take pre-orders for them now. Please email at: with the title New Nesties One set usually ships for $3.00
I accept Paypal and Money Orders
Nest-09 Flowers $53.50
Blossoms 2 Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) 1 X 1" 2) 1⅝ x 1⅝" 3) 2⅜ x 2⅜" 4) 3⅛ x 3⅛" 5) 3¾ x 3¾" Blossoms Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) ⅞" diameter2) 1⅜"3) 2"4) 2½"5) 3⅛"6) 3⅝" Peony Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) ⅝" diameter2) 1⅛"3) 1⅞"4) 2⅜"5) 3⅛"6) 3⅞" Dahlia Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) ⅝"2) 1¼" 3) 1⅞"4) 2½"5) 3¼"6) 3⅞"
Nest-08 Octagons $53.50

Large Octagons Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) ¾" diameter2) 1¼"3) 1¾"4) 2¼"5) 2¾"6) 3¼"7) 3¾" Small Octogons Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) ½" diameter2) 1"3) 1½"4) 2"5) 2½"6) 3"7) 3½" Large Scalloped Octogons Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) 1½"2) 2"3) 2½"4) 3"5) 3⅝"6) 4¼" Small Scalloped Octogons Approximate Die Template Sizes: 1) 1⅛" diameter2) 1⅝" 3) 2¼"4) 2¾"5) 3⅜"6) 4"

Nest-10 Labels $53.50

Labels 2 Approximate Image Sizes: 1) 1¼x1⅜"2) 1¾x1⅞"3) 2¼x2⅜4) 2¾x2⅞"5) 3⅛x3⅜"6) 3⅝x3⅞" Small Labels Approximate Image Sizes: 1) ¾x⅝"2) 1½x1⅛"3) 2⅛x1⅝"4) 2¾x2⅛"5) 3⅜x2⅝" Large Labels Approximate Image Sizes: 1) 1⅛x⅞"2) 1¾x1⅜"3) 2⅜x1⅞"4) 3x2⅜"5) 3¾x2⅞" Labels 4 Approximate Die Template Images: 1) ⅝x⅜"2) ⅞x1⅜"3) 1⅜x2⅛"4) 1¾x3⅛"5) 2¼x3⅝"6) 2¾x4⅜"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures of mini cartridge packaging!

All 3 Mini Cartridges for $48.00!
See posts below for more info.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Email going out to Everyone on the Pre-order list.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has ordered! I can't even begin to tell you how many emails I have had! Wow, I will be ordering a HUGE amount of cartridges. Because this is such a HUGE order, I am asking everyone that ordered to please put a $5.00 deposit down (NOT refundable). I'm asking for a deposit because I can't afford to be stuck with any extra cartridges in case of cancellations. This will be taken off your total when they are ready to ship. When I have confirmation from Provo Craft that the order has shipped to me, I will then send everyone who is paying with paypal an invoice for the balance. That way I can have all the packages labeled and ready to go when the order arrives. I have had a few people pay in full already and that is Great. I hope everyone understands what I am saying here, My paypal addy is: I thought I would break it down for everyone whether they ordered 1,2 or all 3 cartridges. Shipping Amounts to US and Canada 1 - Cartridge - $2.50 2 - Cartridges - $3.00 3 - Cartridges - $4.95 Totals with Shipping 1- $19.49 2- $36.98 3- $52.95 Shipping to Anywhere Else needs to be determined on a one to one basis. Obviously if you live out of the US your shipping will be different. For those of you that ordered double sets, I will let you know what shipping is. Still should not be much because these won't weigh much, they will be packaged like the Solution cartridges. I am accepting Paypal or Money Orders for payment. You do not have to have a paypal account for me to send you a invoice. I just send it to your email and you follow the steps to pay. I have been told that I will have the Cartridges in time to ship to you for Black Friday. I'm hoping Provo Craft stands by this. Thank you so much, I enjoy doing what I do, my husband thinks I'm crazy! I work 6 hours a day for the local School District and we have a 16 year old daughter who keeps us both on the run, volleyball, dance, Skills USA, Future Educators, etc... Thanks Again, Terri Cell phone 702-808-8965