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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sale on JustRite Stamps!

Limited Quanities Available. I will not be reordering this time around, I need to make some room for the New items coming in. And for those to be announced in January......right around the corner! You can click on each link to go to the JustRite site for a better description. Email me at: to order. JB-08645 $14.50 Wood Stamper 1-3/16” with 3 Bonus Damask Centers & 60 pt Font Round 1-3/16” JB-08660 $11.50 Recipe Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16" JB-08665 $11.50 Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16" JB-08780 $11.50 Merry Little Christmas Borders & Centers Round 1-5/8” JB-08695 $8.00 What's Cookin' Borders & Centers 1-5/8" JB-08690 $11.50 Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers Set 1-5/8" JB-08650 $11.50 Wood Stamper 2" with Bonus 15pt Font & Center JB-08785 $9.50 Holiday Demi Phrases Round 2” JB-08710 $9.50 Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2" JB-08700 $9.50 Girl Time Borders & Centers Set 2" JB-08705 $9.50 Just A Little Caffeine Borders & Centers Set 2" JB-08655 $12.50 Wood Stamper 2-3/8" with Bonus 25pt Font & Center JB-08775 $9.50 Something Sweet Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8” JB-08715 $9.50 Preserves Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8" JB-08720 $9.50 Homemade Treats Borders & Centers 2-3/8" JB-08725 $9.50 Birthday Wishes Borders & Centers Set 2-3/8" JB-08760 $11.50 Christmas Treasures Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08765 $11.50 Old Fashioned Christmas Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08730 $11.50 Friendship Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” JB-08117 Wood Stamper 3-1/4"

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