This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I thought I would post just so you all don't think I've abandoned you! Life is Crazy Busy! Today is my DD 17th Birthday, I miss the baby days. We are leaving Friday to drive to Salt Lake City, Utah and will be home Sunday evening. I will be working on my spreadsheet for Mini orders during the long drive up and back. I will have internet access most of the time, gotta love those broadband thingy's. I will be sending in my order on Monday and will only order a few extras. On the last 2 rounds, Winter and Spring I had to tell several people sorry I was sold out! So, if you haven't ordered yet and your thinking about ordering........decide and let me know by Sunday night. As I will be traveling up the 15 interstate between Las Vegas and SLC if I have anything available that anyone wants to order, remember my trip to Anaheim and my traveling showroom! LOL, I delivery! Just remember I leave bright and early Friday morning! For info on the mini's look below a couple of posts.
Happy Easter Everyone!
I wish for everyone a day filled with Love!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Question / Poll

I have an ongoing battle with PC over the price of the full size cartridges. They want me to pay $45.00 wholesale for one cartridge. This has always been their wholesale price, I have NO idea how some company's can sell them for less then that. Even when PC has a "promotion" it's usually $5.00 off that price. So My Question / Poll is: If I sold the New Cartridges for $45.00 plus Exact shipping to you......Would you be interested? That is the only way I would sell them (or order them from PC). I would not make 1 penny and that's ok with me if my customers want them. Please email me at and put Question / Poll in the subject line. If you would like me to order any cartridges for you at this price, go ahead and let me know. I'll get them ordered. I wish I could sell them for less......Ugh! Thanks, Summer mini information below this post!!

Summer MIni's! Order Now!

I expect to be shipping in the next 2 weeks.
I don't have an exact date yet and
will post it as soon as I do.
If you haven't ordered yet.......
get your order in soon.
I am NOT ordering a lot of extras.
Full payment is due by April 15th.
Independance Day
Summer Vacation
Summer in Paris

Order all 3 mini cartridges

for $53.00 ($57.95 with shipping) Or $18.99 Each, (see totals below with shipping) Please email me at to order. To avoid some of the glitches and confusion from the past rounds

I'm asking for this information. Full Name Message board name (if you have one) Contact email Paypal email (if different) Names of cartridges you want to order zipcode or country

For those of you who know how to send money as a "gift" or "money owed" Please be sure to put your name and address in the comment section. paypal does not release this info when there are NO fees collected.

Because this is such a HUGE order, I am asking everyone that orders to please put a $5.00 deposit down (NOT refundable). I'm asking for a deposit because I only order cartridges for those that have pre-ordered I can't afford to be stuck with any extra cartridges in case of cancellations. This will be taken off your total when they are ready to ship.

When I have confirmation from Provo Craft that the order has shipped to me,I will Post here.Be sure to watch this blog for updates. The sooner you pay the balance the sooner your package goes out. I hope everyone understands what I am saying here,

My paypal addy is:

I thought I would break it down for everyone whether they ordered 1,2 or all 3 cartridges.

Shipping Amounts to US and Canada 1 - Cartridge - $2.50 2 - Cartridges - $3.00 3 - Cartridges - $4.95 Totals with Shipping 1- $21.49 2- $40.98 3- $57.95

Shipping to Anywhere Else needs to be determined on a one to one basis. Obviously if you live out of the US your shipping will be different. For those of you that ordered double sets, I will let you know what shipping is. I am accepting Paypal or Money Orders for payment. You do not have to have a paypal account for me to send you a invoice I just send it to your email and you follow the steps to pay.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Mini's are Coming Soon!!

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!
I have Names, No pictures, No expected ship date
and No comfirmation that the price is the same!
Ugh PC!!
I will post all the information as soon as
Provo Craft decides to send it out!
I am super Excited!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Need SPACE Sale!!

Here is a link to JustRite Stampers:
Go to the link, look at the stamps and
come back here to see prices!
Email me at: to order
Here's the Sale:
JustRite price My Sale Price
$12.95 ------------$9.95
$14.95 ------------$10.95
$15.95 ------------$11.45
$16.95 ------------$11.95
Limited to stock on hand
Sold out:
Loving Thoughts
Romantic Sentiments
Seeds of Kindness
Plant a little Love
Favorite Occasions
Friendship Borders

Positive Thinking!! Summer Mini's

Ok Everyone, Let's all have positive thoughts
that this Thursday is the day they announce the
Summer mini's!
Finger Crossed, toes, eyes,
whatever you think works!!
I will take orders as soon as they are announced!
I'll need your:
Message board name helps
Email Address for Contact
Email address for Paypal (if different)
Names of carts you want
I haven't heard of any price changes
so I am going on the
assumption the prices are the same as
the Spring mini's
$53.00 plus shipping for all 3
$18.99 each plus shipping

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Sale!

Now On Sale!
Elmo's Party.
Each Cartridge is now $32.00 plus shipping
Email me at: to order
2 cartridges ship for $4.90
Just an FYI
I have the New Teresa Collins kits in stock
Chic Bebe Boy
Chic Bebe Girl
Mr & Mrs
Each Kit is $15.95 Plus shipping
Tim Holtz Sizzix dies will start arriving this week
TH folders should be here by the end of the month
No News on dates for the Cuttlebug line