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Scor-Tape is an amazing product.
It is a premium double sided adhesive,best on the market, acid free,
heat resistant and incredibly sticky tape. It can be used with embossing powders,
foils, beads, glitter, ribbon etc. It is the perfect permanent adhesive for
card making, boxes, books and Iris Folding.
Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed which means you can
tear it with your thumb & finger.
No need for scissors or blade.
Being paper, the backing is eco-friendly.
All rolls are 27 yards long,
so they are exceptional value. 
1/8" - $2.95
1/4" - $3.75

  1/2" - $5.75

  1" - $8.00
1-1/2" - $10.00

2" - $13.00
2-1/2" - $15.00

3/8" - $4.75
 5/8" - $6.75