This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sale! I'm all caught up SALE!!

First sale.......Stamps!
Sale is Limited to Stock on Hand!
Follow each link to see the stamps.
You must email me to order
$11.00 (only HCPC sets)
My Pink Stamper My usual price for the 4x6 size is $15.95 on sale for $13.95 My usual price for the 6x8 size is $18.95 on sale for $16.95
All Size Circle and Large Oval stamps $10.00 each
All retail $19.95 Sale price $14.95
This is a link to my FaceBook page with pictures
‎$16.95 each
Except Christmas Charactors and Funshine, They are $21.95
This is a link to my FaceBook page with pictures
Under each picture is the name and a price.
10% off the price listed.
Must order by Friday night
I will ship over the weekend
Supplies are Limited
First to pay gets the product!
Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Imagine product from Provo Craft!

Last Week to buy Imagine Cartridges
to take advantage of the
Imagine Promotion!
See link below.
Here is a link:
Read it carefully!
For those of you wanting to take advantage of the this offer on
Once your Imagine cartridges have shipped from me,
I will email you a receipt you can use for the promotion.
Or put it in the package if you prefer.
Warning: I have very few Imagine Greeting cartridges available.
I can order more and you will still be able to take
advantage of the promotion.
I am not ordering more unless they are sold.
email me at:
Good Old Days
Notebook Doodles
Greetings in & out
Floral Emporium
Black & White
Santa's Village
Hey Diddle Diddle
Christmas Wish
All carts listed above are $38.95 each
I charge exact Postage.
I will need your zipcode and the email you use with paypal
First to order and Pay gets the carts!
Thanks Everyone!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pampered Chef!

I Recently did a Pampered Chef show online,
I am working on closing this show out.
I need at least 1 more order!
No order is to small, if you need/want anything.
Please follow the link,
it will take you to my host page.
You can order there and
it will be sent directly to you!
Thank you to Everyone
who has ordered!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello Thursday!!

to order email me at:
I need your zipcode or Country
The email address you use with paypal.
I have the cartridges ordered, I expect to receive them in 7-10 days.
Once I know they have shipped to me, I send paypal.
Paper Dolls
Teen Scene
Art Deco $38.95
Imagine Cartridge
Contemporary Nature
Spring Cottage
Exclusive to
Hobby Lobby!
I have a HL near me,
I am willing to purchase for anyone who is not near a HL.
No profit, just repay me and postage to you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Spellbinders! Arrive Tomorrow!
All pre-orders will be shipped by Tuesday
If you haven't already ordered.....
Now's the time!
See them All Here!
Their Price $7.99 My Price $6.00
Their Price $9.99 My Price $7.50
Their Price $19.99 My Price $14.00
Their Price $24.99 My Price $16.00
Their Price $29.99 My Price $22.00
Their Price $49.99 My Price $35.00
Their Price $59.99 My Price $45.00
Email me at: to order or if you have questions
Please include your zipcode and
Email address you use for paypal.
Thanks Everyone!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hooray!! Yay!! Finally!!

Can you all hear me yelling???
There is light at the end of tunnel called
Provo Craft has finally caught up with my orders,
Just in time for Hello Thursday!
Spellbinders shipped yesterday and They arrived in
Las Vegas today! But won't be delivered until Monday.
It's ok, I'll take it! I have hounded them since the 29th!
The rest of my new Copics has shipped and will
arrive on Thursday! I didn't say anything because I didn't want to jinx the shipment!
Thank you Copic people for being so Patient!
I took a TON of packages to the Post Office!
Yay, that felt good!
Now I can start getting caught up
with all of the above orders!
Have you heard about the
Imagine Promotion
Cricut is having?
See the post below this one.
I had a zillion things to tell you all!
Now, my mind is a blank....
Oh, I am Hosting a
Pampered Chef Show!
If you would like to order here is a link
If you live out of the country and
would like to order anything,
Email me and we will work it out.
Thanks Everyone!