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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW! You like your MPS!!

I am sold out of the
Winter Punnies set Already!
Very few of the other 3 sets left.
See post below for
pictures and prices.
Nesties came, and went!
I have more arriving next week
Plus the few that were
backordered will be here.
Copics, what can I say.....
You like your copics too!
I am going to run my sale
through the end of August
Buy 10 copics, $5.15 each
and pick 3 FREE!
I have a lot in stock now
But, am still out of a few.
I think Provo Craft
is gearing up for a
huge shipment!
It's coming my way!
Winter Mini's
Simply Charmed
Boys will be boys
Toy Story!
Plus! All the
new Companion sets!

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