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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sneak Peek for August

These four cartridges were leaked on
the message board.
New for August.......
so maybe for July's Hello Thursday?
When these are first announced and able to be ordered,
I can order them from Provo Craft for $45.00
That is their wholesale price
if you want any of them,
I will order and sell for what I paid
$45.00 plus shipping to you.
If anyone can hold out for 4-6 weeks, then
I can sell them for the $35.95 price.
Rock Princess
Country Life
Winter Frolic
Happy Hauntings


  1. TFS! I like the first two though I bet after I see what people make with them i'll eventually want them all. lol!

  2. I will be waiting to see when you are able to get the "winter frolic" cart because that is my must have, i didnt get any full carts last few go arounds, not counting the lites, so i feel i am due to get a feW!! lol! i will be checking your blog regularly because i want that cart!

  3. Love the "Happy Haunting" cart, but I can wait the 4-6 weeks for a cheaper price. Will keep checking back for details!

    Thanks Terri, love my 3 fall mini's, great custom service and super fast shipping greatly appreciated! I will be ordering from you in the future for many things, I am sure!!


  4. I can wait the 4-6 weeks. I really like the Happy Hauntings cartrige. I love that font. You are a fantastic seller. Fantastic service, communication, very fast shipping and excellent pricing.


  5. Once I can get a "good" price, I'll post it on here with the price! Just Remember it won't be right away!

  6. I can wait and stalk your blog while I wait... LOL!!!

    -- dalis