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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Stamps!

Link to Website
What do you get when you
combine any of these:
Spellbinders Flowers 4 pack $50.00
With These Stamp sets:
Sunburst Flower 1

Sunburst Flower 2

Vintage Wildflower 1

Vintage wilderflower 2

Innoscents Flowers 1

Innoscents Flowers 2

Cameo Daisy Flowers 1

Cameo Daisy Flowers 2

Graniflora Rose 1

Grandiflora Rose 2

Aztec Sunflowers 1

Aztec Gold Sunflowers 2

Regal Poinsettia 1
Regal Poinsettia 2
Moonlight Dahlia 1
Moonlight Dahlia 2

Graceful Pansy 1

Graceful Pansy 2

You get this!

What about these: Swirl Mystique Butterfly

Tropical Butterfly

With this:

To see more examples go here:

My introductory price for each

stamp set is $11.75, plus shipping

email me to order

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