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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can you hear me Screaming!!!
I am waiting on Pack your Bags and
Mother's Day Bouquet!
I was under the impression I would have
these when I got the rest of my order,
NOT! The whole order had dribbled in
one or two titles at a time.
Then I thought they would be here Friday(14th)
I don't think that is going to happen either!
So, I am pining my hopes on Monday,
which would be a good day, it's a holiday.
No "real" job, I'd have someone here to help me.
I am so Sorry for the Delay!
Have you been watching the new items?
Spellbinders had been posting some everyday
since Monday! I have them on Facebook and
will post them here once they are all done.
I will be placing my order as soon as I can so don't be
shy, let me know what you want!
Copics is releasing 12 new colors
that won't be available until March
Again, if you want them let me know!
I don't collect payment until I am ready to ship.
There is a new Spellbinders book!
It has some great reviews out!
scroll down for info
The New Binder for Cricut Cartridges
has already shipped to me!
I will be shipping that out to you soon!
Check out all my pages at the top
there are sales on most of them!
I'm still making room so I can bring more
New Items from CHA in stock!
I'm exhausted, I don't sleep well and sometimes
I just plain don't sleep! At least it feels like it!
Especially when I'm stressed over stuff.....
Like missing shipments!
so, I am off to "try" to sleep
Thanks Everyone!

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