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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I thought I better post before I dive back in again!
I haven't posted in awhile because Most of the New
Spellbinders arrived last week! I was up to my
Eyeballs in Dies!! They shorted me 4 different styles so I was
sending orders that didn't have those dies in them and emailing
people and letting them know and did they want to wait.....
Then of Course the copics are always busy!
The New Cricut Cartridges came in 2 waves so
again I was sending what I could and emailing......
Guess What!! All the Carts arrived today!
The rest of the Spellbinders will be her Tomorrow!
Now I am buried in carts and dies!
My plan is to get all packages out by Saturday!
Unless of course they are still missing something!
In between all that, Yesterday was Emily's
18th Birthday!
Yikes!! Where have the years gone!!
Miss Emily still has 2 months to go before she
Graduates from HS!!!
In the meantime it is a Daily Battle of
I'm 18 and Don't Have to.......
Started Today!
I didn't expect anything less from Her!
Plus!!! I now have Internet where I keep my product!
So once this rush is over and out the door I will
be moving everything into one spot!
No more running up and down 3 flights of stairs!!
Off to get some food, then start unpacking and re packaging
Real job tomorrow morning and then home to package more!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Hi Terri:
    Got my cartridges today.... you are a superhero! Thanks so much for taking such good care of us! You make me tired just reading this post! Remember to take a moment of TERRI-TIME during all the madness!!!
    Thanks again, Ann

  2. Thank you Terri!! I received all 3 carts!!:)