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Friday, September 10, 2010

No Mini's today. I'll just get that over with.
This is very depressing for me!
I just feel like I am letting so many people down!
I'm so sorry, There is nothing I can do.
Finger's crossed for a Monday delivery!
I got in all my new Crafter's Workshop Templates
I don't even have the pictures up on the blog!
I will work on that this weekend
I also have a new product by
Viva Decor called Modeling paste
I have all the colors in stock and
this product will go great with any template
or stencil you own already.
Another thing to work on this weekend.
I was up almost all night with a migraine
you know, the kind where your convinced you
have a brain tumor or bleeding on the brain.
No, I have had the ct scans and the xrays.
I have several triggers, the usual, stress,
loud noises, bright lights but the worst for me is
Man that is like a jack hammer up my nose
and into my brain! Good smells or Bad smells
My head doesn't care. Oh and the heat, if I
get over heated, throbbing head!
I feel lots better now, I took my meds and
stayed in bed. Got up and ate and feel normal.
What ever that is!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Terry, Migraine is horrible. I wish that you lived closer to Canada. If you ever happens to be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you need to go see my mom. My mother has help so many folks that have horrible migraine and other horrible discease that western medicine couldn't help. My mom help others with energy flow. May be you can try a good accupunturist to see if they can help.

  2. Don't worry about the mini's being slow...nothing you can do about it.

    I get migraines too...sleep and darkness...that's all that works. I get them alot more in the spring & fall - the changes in atmosphere.

  3. I had someone else suggest acupuncture, I may have to resort to that!
    Yes! I forgot about the atmosphere, when the clouds roll in, man does the pressure build in my head. Saturday was a good day but I have a headache again today.
    I am in a dark room and just took my pm's. It's not even 6pm yet!