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Monday, September 13, 2010

I have a call in and I sent an email!
I am extremely Peeved!
Which totally stresses me out
Because it makes me think
how Peeved my Customers
Must be!
I am so sorry!
I know it's not my fault,
I know there's Nothing I can do,
But, I still feel so bad that
all of you have been Waiting
So Long!
I am going to bed
Tomorrow is another day.
I am going to Battle Tomorrow
Wish me Luck!


  1. You are too sweet Terri! Hopefully you get some good rest tonight tomorrow is another day :0)

  2. Hi Terri, we all can tell how hard you're working on getting these minis in. But please my dear, don't stress so much that you get another migraine over it, OK! We can wait, your health is way more important. (BTW)this is from Christy who emailed you recently. Too-Da-Loo

  3. Oh Terri,
    Rest up! It isn't good that you get yourself sick about it. We all know how hard you work and we all appreciate it so no worries =)
    Take care of yourself =)
    I hope you had a good rest

  4. ..tomorrow is another day...
    Stay well my friend, and take good care.
    hugs :)
    Connie in GP