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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WRMK Punch Boards

Super, Super,
SUPER Stressed!!
If you ordered the WRMK punch boards from me and
you have already bought from somewhere else,
Please email me and cancel your order!
I am still expecting them any day!
I literally have HUNDREDS on order!
I do NOT want to be stuck with your order
 because you got it somewhere else!
So Please let me know!
I am a VERY small business.
I do this all myself.
I pay for all the product up front.
I don't get my money back
until the product is Sold!
I can not begin to tell you how many packages I have sitting here that people have never paid for. The time I have put into getting the order together, figuring postage (which can sometimes take awhile because I am always looking for the best postage rate for my customers). Then nothing.
I know the trials of the business.
Thank you to all who are understanding and patient.
Those of you who know what all I juggle and get it.
I'm sorry, these circumstances have been
totally out of my control.
I don't think I will order any other products from WRMK.
It really is Very Discouraging and Very Stressful!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Terri, I've already bought mine. Sorry, take me off your lists.
    Candy Barnett

  2. I wasn't on the list for this but I'm so sorry to hear this, Terri! I hope the people who ordered from you do the right thing and pay you for what they ordered. It's not fair for you to get stuck with product and have to pay out of pocket for them.