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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a WEEK!!

TGIF Tomorrow!!
Not that it makes any difference in my life!
I have always said I should write a book, Nobody would believe some of the things I would say. It would start with the day I was born and my mother (86) still says "they had to cross my legs in the evevator and when we got to the room, you shot out like a stream of water". TMI, Sorry.
The lastest story would be about my mother also, she took food to her 95 year old sister because my aunt said she was hungry. Even though she has 3 "adult" relatives that live with her. To make a long story short....I hope. My mother got into a verbal (she has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to use it) back and forth with my aunt's 20 year old great grandson.....he grabbed my mother, spun her and knocked her to the ground. No carpet, all tile. My mother fought back but come on, he did not back off her until she hollered about her heart. My aunt had to get a chair to help my mother get up off the ground. Meanwhile the creep, threw all her belongings out in the street. I have stayed fairly neutral through all of this (there's been a lot with my aunt) but now I'm PO'd. My mother called the police and filed a battery report, we have taken (so did the police) pictures of her bruises. She is going to be very sore tomorrow, I told her she needs to go to quick care.
I am calling elderly abuse tomorrow, someone needs to stand up for my aunt and it doesn't appear to be happening. My mother got her a phone that she can see(the numbers), made sure she had a line in her room. Guess what?? someone keeps unplugging her phone. Oh I could go on and on.......
Back to Business....
Most of the orders for the
 New Hello Thursday carts
Have gone out!
I have a few left, very few.
New Sizzix folders are starting to dribble in next week.
New Tim Holtz is also starting to arrive.
I'll leave you with what's been keeping me
Very Busy Lately!
Joseph was 7 months on the 22nd of Sept.

He loves his new swing!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Oh my heart breaks for your mother and your Aunt... but it burns me up that someone would lay hands on your mom no matter WHAT she was saying. I'm going to have to come to Vegas sooner than May and kick some ... well you get the idea. I am so mad for you! Please make sure your mom gets treatment and follow through with elder abuse channels. Very sad

  2. OMG! I'm so glad your Aunt has your mom, bless her heart! This is truly infuriating! Hope your Mom's ok.

  3. Hope your mom is ok. God bless her and that lovely little boy! Hugs Frances

  4. Are you kidding me!?! That 20 yr. old need to be taught a lesson.Hope your Mom is doing ok.My heart goes out to her and her sister. Please keep us updated.

  5. Terri,
    Hope your mum is still furious but feeling better.

  6. Are you serious!?!?!? Prayers and thoughts to your mommy and auntie. That 20 year old needs to be taken to the woodshed. Speedy recovery to your mom and get your aunt a bat. :)

  7. Oh my goodness Terri, I am so sorry for your mother and your aunt. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. God bless your mother and aunt!! You need to get a restraining order as well! Such hostility and no one to look after your aunt!! Such injustice! May your mother have a quick recovery and know that this is is very serious!! Glad it wasn't worse!!

  9. Girl, if some 20 year old had laid one hand on my mother, there would be a restraining order against me....and I'm 52! Not to mention what my son or my brothers would have done to that brat. So glad your aunt has a sister like your mom looking out for her. Prayers for your mom and your aunt...good luck with all of it.