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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Some of you follow my facebook page and know where I have been
For those of you Not on facebook......
I have been in Florida since the 18th.
My dad has stage 4 liver disease and isn't doing well.
I'm glad I was able to come and help out a bit.
I am headed home this week.
My hubby helped me a lot because the long awaited
arrival of the Chic & Scary cart happened about 3 hours
After I was on the plane!!!!
I know there are several orders still to get out
They will be my first priority when I arrive home!
I didn't get anyone on the phone at pc on Friday so I will be
calling Monday. If the new carts are arriving soon (trying not to jinx myself)
I will start sending paypal requests right away.
I also understand the TH Limited Edition Winter colors
will be shown on Tuesday, so find his blog and watch for them.
Again it is limited amounts that can be ordered
and those are all sold already. Sorry!
If I can get more I will.
That's about it. I think...
My Pink Stampers newest release should be arriving soon.
I have some new items that came while I was away, not
exactly sure what yet.
I think I have about 3 of the newest Copic bags left.
Postage has been $15.00 - $20.00 depending on zip.
If you live in California it's about $10.00
Thanks Everyone!

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