This is how to place an order with me: Just email me at: and tell me what you would like to order. Please include your zipcode and the email address for pay pal. If you would rather pay by money order that is fine also. Just let me know. If you have any questions, please email me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Mini's!!

The New Spring Mini Cartridges should be
shipping mid to late December
The info is pretty much the same as
the first set of Mini's.
It is located at the bottom of this post.
Easter Mini
Mother's Day Mini
Love Struck Mini
Order all 3 mini cartridges for $53.00
Please email me at to order.
To avoid some of the glitches and confusion from the last round
I'm asking for this information.
Full Name
Message board name (if you have one)
Contact email
Paypal email (if different)
Names of cartridges you want to order
zipcode or country
For those of you who know how to send money as a "gift" or "money owed" Please be sure to put you name and address in the comment section. paypal does not release this info when there are NO fees collected. Because this is such a HUGE order, I am asking everyone that orders to please put a $5.00 deposit down (NOT refundable). I'm asking for a deposit because I only order cartridges for those that have pre-ordered and I can't afford to be stuck with any extra cartridges in case of cancellations. This will be taken off your total when they are ready to ship. When I have confirmation from Provo Craft that the order has shipped to me, I will then Post here.
Be sure to watch this blog for updates.
The sooner you pay the balance the sooner your package goes out.
I hope everyone understands what I am saying here,
My paypal addy is:
I thought I would break it down for everyone
whether they ordered 1,2 or all 3 cartridges.
Shipping Amounts to US and Canada
1 - Cartridge - $2.50
2 - Cartridges - $3.00
3 - Cartridges - $4.95
Totals with Shipping
1- $21.49
2- $40.98
3- $57.95
Shipping to Anywhere Else needs to be determined on a one to one basis. Obviously if you live out of the US your shipping will be different. For those of you that ordered double sets, I will let you know what shipping is. Still should not be much because these won't weigh much, they will be packaged like the Solution cartridges.I am accepting Paypal or Money Orders for payment. You do not have to have a paypal account for me to send you a invoice.I just send it to your email and you follow the steps to pay.
If your from the Cricut Board could you help keep this post bumped?
Thank you!


  1. I'm gonna want all of those! Thanks for the scoop!

  2. Can't wait!!! I am definitely ordering these from you :-)

  3. Just sent you an email. Can't wait to get these.