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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy........

It has been a CRAZY 2 weeks! I Actually think the whole month of November was Crazy Busy! It all started with the Winter Mini cartridges.....printing, packing, shipping....over and over. You would think that was the end of it. No, overseas packages took longer, Canadian packages took even longer....Ridulously longer! There were a few glitches, but over all I think it went pretty good. Then they announced the Spring mini's, NO, then they didn't announce the spring minis...did, didn't,did, didn't! Uggghhhhh So, I did a post about them and started my pre-order list..or not? I got pretty sick, it was just a headache but I couldn't even look at the computer screen, I was in a dark room for 2 days I think. I got several emails for pre-orders, several payments for orders. I guess I didn't acknowledge all of them, I'm so sorry if I missed letting you know I got you on the list and received your payment or deposit. That's not even mentioning my "real life" you know, hubby, kid and job! YIKES!! Then Thanksgiving came and Black Friday! I was a shopping fool, not for me (well I did get sweet treats and paisley for me) but I was buying for several customers (friends) who asked me to pick up cartridges and things for them. I even drove to St. George, Utah on Saturday to pick up some more Winter Mini's! I totally sold out and PC sold out also. I'm just selling them for what I paid for them (which was a bit more then I was selling them for). I picked up some extra Sweet Treats and Paisley from Michaels. I bought Cricut Expressions from Walmart to ship to other people. I even bought a few extras of those, One store they had been out for a few hours and no one had even taken one box! I have 2 Serenade Cartridges to sell, I really don't know what to sell them for. If your interested in anything I've mentioned above email me at: to see if I have anything left. I will be re posting my Pre-Order for the Spring Mini's tomorrow. The Just Rite Stamps came in, the new Square sets! One of the New Nestie sets came in, hopefully the other 2 are not far behind. If I think of anything else I will come back and edit. For now, I guess this is enough.

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