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Friday, October 21, 2011

Newest info on Hello Thursday

Exclusive to: Creative Memories
Tis the Season
I will order it for anyone who wants/needs me to.
Exclusive to: Michaels
Go Canada
Noah's ABC
I will go to Michaels and purchase these for anyone
who needs/wants me to for whatever reason.
Exclusive to:
Sweater Weather
Christmas Wishes
Floral Emporium
Exclusive to Walmart &
All Lite cartridges
Again, if anyone needs or wants me to order lites or exclusives I am more then willing to help.
So...what does that leave me to order??
New Testiment $38.95
available early November
Ribbons and Rosettes $38.95
available early November
Santa Village
available in December
Stencil Projects $20.95
available early November
All pictures are 2 posts below this
There are more Seasonal Mini's to come!
That's all I know.
Thanks Everyone!

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