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Monday, March 21, 2011

So I called Spellbinders Again, today!
I was told "the plan is to have all orders shipped by this Friday,
we know we said Last Friday but this time we have to meet the deadline".
Or What?
I guess my order will show up sometime before next Wednesday,
if they do in deed ship everything by Friday!
I am sending paypal requests out a few at a time, if you get yours
and you think it's wrong just email me.
I hope no feels like I am not letting you know what's going on,
I have no control over any company and when they ship.
Other then busines.....
I am so stressed about "other" things,
The wind was blowing like crazy here for the last few days
between the wind, stress and who knows what.....
I have had some really bad headaches.
Sunday I drug myself out of bed to shower and go to church,
they replaced the carpet almost a month ago but the
smell is still there and it just takes my breath away.
By the time I got home yesterday
I was down for the day and most of today too!
I just know everything is going to hit at once
and I will once again be a crazed maniac
trying to ship everyone their orders at the same time!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks for everything that you do.

  2. Terri, you've always done a wonderful job with contacting your customers and giving great service! Take time for yourself to feel better, we'll understand! Sending feel better {{hugs}} your way!

  3. Terri, I wish that I lived close to you.
    I would help you fill orders or what ever you needed done.
    Also it would give me something to do.