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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Question / Poll

I have an ongoing battle with PC over the price of the full size cartridges. They want me to pay $45.00 wholesale for one cartridge. This has always been their wholesale price, I have NO idea how some company's can sell them for less then that. Even when PC has a "promotion" it's usually $5.00 off that price. So My Question / Poll is: If I sold the New Cartridges for $45.00 plus Exact shipping to you......Would you be interested? That is the only way I would sell them (or order them from PC). I would not make 1 penny and that's ok with me if my customers want them. Please email me at and put Question / Poll in the subject line. If you would like me to order any cartridges for you at this price, go ahead and let me know. I'll get them ordered. I wish I could sell them for less......Ugh! Thanks, Summer mini information below this post!!

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