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Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Nesties arriving Soon!

Click on picture to make it Bigger!New Nesties will be arriving anytime now!
Reserve your favorite(s) now!
No payment until ready to ship. All Nesties are $19.50 Email me at to order
or you need more info.


  1. What is your email address? I would like to pre-order some nesties.

  2. Hiiiii Terri!!! Got my rectangle nesties today *doin' a happy jig* Thanks so much - I am SOOOO happy I was holding out on buying them until I met you! You are making being a Nestie mommy SO EASY, my wallet and my husband and all my utility bills thank you as well! HAHAHAHAHA....I'm ready for the next set any time you are and soon I'll be ready to get these NEW ONES!!! *EXCITED* Where else can I recommend you, I am SO happy with your business!