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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quick Update

I will be working on paypal requests All weekend!
Probably into next week too....
You don't have to pay right away,
I will probably be shipping around the 5th of July.
If they come in earlier I will post and start printing labels.
For all my New Customers who don't know me,
I am a One Women Show! I do all this myself.
I actually do pretty good keeping up with it all.
Considering I have a "real" job, Husband and
Daughter who just graduated.
The Graduation has really freed up my time!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Hi Terri :)
    I'm a new customer and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work :)
    Huge grateful hugs

  2. Hi Terri- I'm one of your new customers. Thanks for these great deals!

    Gina L.

  3. I am a return customer and I know how busy it can be when you do this all by yourself. So yes a BIG HUGE thank-you coming your way.

  4. I am a return customer =) Mainly because Terri holds my wallet hostage with all these great deal LOL :) My wallet is waving Hi to auntie Terri! sad isn't it =) hahahaha You are going a great job considering that you have so much on the go =) I am thrilled to be constantly taken care of by you. HUGS!