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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Cause! and a Good Reason to Clean Stash!

Good Cause!
And a Good Reason to Clean Stash!

I had one of my good customers send me a request. I asked Ema if I could post her request to see if any of my other customers or friends would like to help her out.
This is from Ema:

 I always donate money to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital and wanted to do something else besides sending money which i know they need. But I wanted to bring a big smile to the children because you know they don't see the donations that come it, So I connected the hospital and they gave me the ok to make cards for the children not knowing that there are 78 beds all taken up with very sick children and another 225 that come in everyday of their lives for treatment. So I am asking everyone or anyone if they have anything they done use or would like to donate for my project. Please email me at or if you just want to send it to me my information is as follows
Ema Perez
350 Avenue B
Key West Fl 33040

 I am not making ANY money on this and will not accept any neither . This is just so so so close to my heart and just want to make a child smile.
Thank you all for any help.
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Does she need supplies or cards for her or for the kids? Crafty items or items for kids?

  2. Alicia her email is in the post,, you could email her and ask which she prefers. I am sending her some paper I have on hand.

  3. Md T first I thank you immensely for this. Ms Alicia I would like to just get supplies,crafty items to make cards as I would love to make them. But will for sure give credit where credit is do. I will write down all the people that donated for this cause to send to the hospital. Thank you for your support. hugs