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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alive & Well

Hi Everyone! I am Alive & Well......
I am also hanging by a thread to keep my SANITY!
If you are on facebook you know I have been sick.
It just wiped me out and took forever to just feel better.
Joseph was 1 year on February 22nd.
He is growing like a weed and
learning lots of new things!

I have been told I need to update my blog.
Sometimes blogger does things that just make
me walk away!
Like deleting a couple dozen pictures
I have just put all the info in for.
Or just losing a post!
I started uploading pictures on my
face book page because it's so much easier!
A couple of clicks of the keys and they just pop right up!
None of this one at a time stuff.
For now, let me just say:
If it's new and it's from:
La La Land
Sizzix (lots not all)
Darice(embossing folders)
Tim Holtz
and a few more

I probably already have it in stock!
I have an Open House coming up in 2 weeks!
Yikes!! All my thoughts are on getting that set up.
Once it's over, give me a week to recoup.....
Then I will try Very hard to get caught up here and maybe even stay caught up! LOL!!
Thanks Everyone!

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  1. Take a deep breath! Stay healthy and take lots of breaks Terri.