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Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Hello Thursday!

Garden Soup
Pre Order now,
shipping by the end of the month!
Creative Memories
Divine Wedding
See your CM rep to purchase
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2
This was shown at CHA and Has been shipping for about 10 days.
There was also a Score Tool put out during CHA
It retails for $14.99, My Price is $10.95
It works with TBBM2 and future cartridges.
It does not work with older cartridges at this time.
Gel pens with a Magnetic holder were also introduced
These will be available in April.
The New Spellbinders will be here early March
The Imaginisce I.Magicut, ribbon cutter & sealer
is in stock and shipping.
The New copic colors arrived and I shipped
what I had to the first people on the list.
My order was shorted on 6 of the colors,
I have a few of them arriving this week
and the rest will be at least 2 more weeks.
I'm sorry, this was beyond my control.
I would like to thank everyone for their patience.
Once home from CHA, I went right back to work at the real job.
There was a baby shower for my daughter.
I hosted a dinner for 8 (Bishopric Dinner).
Had to drive to Dr. appointments (daughter),
made a few trips to the ER (daughter).
Still waiting on Baby!
This is all in between just everyday life.
I have just Run, Run, Run!
I start something I get called away,
I come back and can't figure out what I was doing!
Is it any wonder I'm confused?
But I am getting there, I am almost all caught up!
Just in time for Spellbinders! Yay Me!!
Thanks Everyone!

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