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Friday, June 3, 2011

An Apology

I feel I owe some people an apology,
I have had a lot of emotional things going on in my life.
They seem to have just come to a head the last few months.
I see light at the end of the tunnel, I have hope anyhow.
My apology is that I have not kept up with the blog,
I've missed answering some emails and angered a few people.
For that I am truly sorry.
At least I can honestly say
"I don't collect money and not carry through".
I am the kind of person that no matter what,
I get up in the morning and put my feet on the floor
and start my day. There are somedays with my
migraines that my body gives in to them and I
just can not function. But more often I am up and
running full speed ahead.
I am a people pleaser, I'm thinking those that know me
well enough have kinda figured that out.
But, don't make me feel used, even family.
That's when my people pleasing stops.
I'm just speaking in general, Not to anyone specific.
Tonight was another bad night.
Which will probably make for a bad weekend.
I'm sorry to be so personal and yet not really
say what is going on.
I have lots of product in stock but no time
to upload pictures and prices.
I am very Thankful for those that have
been my customers/friends
and feel free to just email me and Ask!
Truly Thank you!
You have kept me sane!! Really.
Thank you Everyone!


  1. Awww, Terri. I hope everything's ok. Prayers going up for you and your family. You're still tops to me!

  2. We love u girlie. Keep ur chin up. Hugs

  3. Sending you big hugs and best wishes your way and thanks for all that you do for us all the time.
    Coming from Australia
    Shelley from

  4. Hope that you feel better. I also suffered from migraines and tried so many medicines, but I ended up having damaged nerves in the back of my neck. I had to go to a pain clinic specialist before I was able to receive any help with them. Just wanted to share this info because I would still be suffering with them 24/7 if I had not went to the pain management specialist.

  5. Terri you are and always have been awesome. As a friend and as a business lady! I love doing business with you and as a matter of fact received my stains from you today!!! I hope you feel better soon and manage to keep your chin up and not let the nay Sayers get to ya! We love ya!!

  6. sorry the migraines decided to visit you...(((((big hug)))) you are a great and sweet person that does care about your customers..people must know life does throw us a curve ball at the most oddest time and there is nothing we can do about it but only get up and put one foot in front of the other and move detail explaination is needed....EVER!!! hope you do feel better REAL SOON....

  7. Whatever you are facing know that the love surrouning you...willl see you through.

  8. Hey Terri,
    Sorry that you're dealing with migraines, no fun, been praying for you. Been dealing with peri-menapause myself lately, system's all messed up, again no fun. Been wanting to start a blog lately, but kinda leary that I wouldn't be able to put the time needed for it. Maybe soon. So don't feel bad.
    Just got my new craft room set up, had to put it on hold 'cause last October my son ask to come back home to save up for drum corp this summer. He left last Friday so I've been movin & gettin' thing set up. Whew! Sore all over!
    Thanks for the apology & explanation, helps to know what's goin' on, and thanks for my order.
    Hang in there, and God bless you!
    Pam D

  9. Hope you get to feeling better! (((HUGS)))