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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Info on Hello Thursday
* Prices subject to change on the whim of PC
Vintage Damask $35.95
Baby Boutique $45.95
Black and White $35.95
These are all available to Circle Members now.
(this is what I was told, I don't know when they will actually
post it/announce it or let anyone know this)
I can order them May 30th.
Paper Lace 2 $45.95
Available May 25th
Bubblegum Stripes $35.95
Vintage Papers $35.95
Heirloom $35.95
Available now for me to order
I am only posting what I was told today.
Let me say....
What a MESS!!
Thanks Everyone!

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  1. I'm a little confused (go figure!) with your post. Are you saying that the three new Imagine cartridges are available NOW to Circle members, but that you can't order them until May 30th? If you can't order them until May 30th, they are not available now.

    Kathy Brockman
    kathybrockman @