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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Cartridges Arriving Thursday!!

What's that saying?? "NO REST FOR THE WEARY" Or is it "WICKED"? I'll go with weary, I may misbehave ever once in awhile but by no means am I wicked!! That's me right now! LOL, I got Shipping notice from PC! Dang Fed Ex! They changed Delivery to Thursday! I will no sooner clean up the mess from the MINI MADNESS!! Then I will start this Crazyiness!! I will be sending out Paypal invoices over the weekend and if you want your order to ship Wednesday or Thursday then I need payment by then. If you haven't ordered, No Problem, I ordered extras. I'm sure I will run out of Sweet Treats and Paisley first. I didn't order as many because They had been out at Michaels and I knew alot of you already had them! Little did I know so many of you waited!! I went out on Black Friday to purchase some (sweet treats and paisley) for Friends in faraway lands..... 8 out of 10 were Defective! What a mess!!! Anyhow, Email me if you would like to order:
Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you all have a Great Year!

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  1. hoi Terry

    You to a happy new year for you and your family!!!
    greetings anneke