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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Email going out to Everyone on the Pre-order list.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has ordered! I can't even begin to tell you how many emails I have had! Wow, I will be ordering a HUGE amount of cartridges. Because this is such a HUGE order, I am asking everyone that ordered to please put a $5.00 deposit down (NOT refundable). I'm asking for a deposit because I can't afford to be stuck with any extra cartridges in case of cancellations. This will be taken off your total when they are ready to ship. When I have confirmation from Provo Craft that the order has shipped to me, I will then send everyone who is paying with paypal an invoice for the balance. That way I can have all the packages labeled and ready to go when the order arrives. I have had a few people pay in full already and that is Great. I hope everyone understands what I am saying here, My paypal addy is: I thought I would break it down for everyone whether they ordered 1,2 or all 3 cartridges. Shipping Amounts to US and Canada 1 - Cartridge - $2.50 2 - Cartridges - $3.00 3 - Cartridges - $4.95 Totals with Shipping 1- $19.49 2- $36.98 3- $52.95 Shipping to Anywhere Else needs to be determined on a one to one basis. Obviously if you live out of the US your shipping will be different. For those of you that ordered double sets, I will let you know what shipping is. Still should not be much because these won't weigh much, they will be packaged like the Solution cartridges. I am accepting Paypal or Money Orders for payment. You do not have to have a paypal account for me to send you a invoice. I just send it to your email and you follow the steps to pay. I have been told that I will have the Cartridges in time to ship to you for Black Friday. I'm hoping Provo Craft stands by this. Thank you so much, I enjoy doing what I do, my husband thinks I'm crazy! I work 6 hours a day for the local School District and we have a 16 year old daughter who keeps us both on the run, volleyball, dance, Skills USA, Future Educators, etc... Thanks Again, Terri Cell phone 702-808-8965


  1. If you know anyone who pre-ordered please refer them to this blog. I have had a lot of emails returned!

  2. good to see you have lots of customers new and old oredering from you. Here's to your business going from strength to strength.

  3. If you have any cancelations for the 3 cartridges, please email me and I will buy the 3, but I get paid on the 23rd. Please let me know or I can even pre-order if it is not too late! Thanks, Lynn