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Monday, February 9, 2009

Some things For Sale! BNIP

Some pictures below, if not and you need pics email me and I'll send them to you. Dreamkutter - pink $68.00 1 left Bind it all -pink $58.50 sold out BIA bag -pink $22.50 1 left wires 1" 6pak $4.95 white,silver or black 1 + 1/4" 6pak $9.95 White only 3/4" 6pak $5.95 white,silver or black Teresa Collins 5 x 7 bracket covers $2.00 white,black and Kraft available 7 Gypsies 4 x 6 photo slipcovers (for photo carousel) $3.25 Nesties: $19.50 each Small pinking circle, Large pinking circle, Scalloped Heart, Labels 2, Small Labels, and Larges Labels Curved Rectangles $22.50 Tan Embossing mats (2 pak) $8.95 plus shipping and paypal fees.