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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sneak Peeks at Spellbinders!! New Nesties!!

The links below go to lots of different blogs that were chosen to give the Sneak Peeks! I will be ordering All the New Nesties on the 25th of January(first day to order). If you like something let me know it will help me know how many of each to order! JANUARY 5: Thinking Inking by Debbie Olson JANUARY 6: Mish Mash by Michelle Wooderson JANUARY 7: Today’s Creations by Holly Craft JANUARY 8: Walkin’ on the BAD side by Sherry Cheever JANUARY 9: Embellished Dreams by Heidi Blankenship JANUARY 10: Amazing Paper Grace by Becca Feeken JANUARY 11: Created from Paper by Jennifer Ellefson JANUARY 12: PaperFection by Sharon Harnist JANUARY 13: Mixed Media Madness by Jeni Calkins JANUARY 14: Wickedly Wonderful Creations by Wendy Weixler JANUARY 15: Cookies for Breakfast by Beth Pingry JANUARY 16: Pink Lemonade by Keri Lee Sereika (link is all better now) JANUARY 17: Inky Heart by Sally Lynn MacDonald JANUARY 18: Donya Schroeder by Donya Schroeder JANUARY 19: Linda’s Works of Heart by Linda Duke JANUARY 20: Follow Your Bliss by Trudee Sauer

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