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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copic Storage - The Ultimate, Awesome, Copic Storage!!

I am not Selling these!
I think these are AWESOME!!
So, I am passing the information on to you!
Here is the link:

Follow the link for more Information on Ordering.
They are $75 plus $20 shipping which is
USPS standard shipping.
This is for U.S. only.  
They would need to price international
shipments individually.  
They are available in smoke, teal, pink
or purple transparent bins. 

There are slots for 374 markers.  
Plenty for all the Copic colors
plus additional pens or markers.
It's great because you can lay it down
or on it's side while you are coloring.
And it comes with a great lid that
latches shut with the handles.  
Transporting them is very easy.
 You have your choice of colors!

They have Inserts for the Large Copic bag too!!
It has 274 slots for markers. 
It is priced at $34.99

Thanks Everyone!

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