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Monday, November 17, 2014

New SALE page!

Just a quick post to point out a
new Page/Tab along the top
It's called Sale Page!
 I was going to call it Black Friday Sales!
But decided I wanted it to be an ongoing page.
I will be adding things as I find time.
I will be deleting things as they sell out.
All items are Limited Quantities!
I have tons of things I hope to be
adding in the coming weeks!

Some items to watch for:
Embossing Folders
6x6 paper pads
Ink pads
If I start listing them individually here.......
 I will get emails about them and
then I will get off track
and sometimes I Never
get back on track!
Here's our little Pirate!

He Loves his cars and trucks
But really loves his dirt!!
Thanks Everyone!

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