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Monday, July 8, 2013

We R Memory Keepers 3x4 Punches

We R Memory Keepers 3x4 Punches  
Shipping Next Week!!
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Keep in mind, these are Heavy!
 This punch contains two pieces, the bottom piece, which can be placed anywhere on a project, and the top piece that’s held in place using strong magnets. The clear plastic covering at the top of the punch in addition to the punches reverse technology helps to see exactly where it will punch, so there are no longer any incorrect punches. Not only does this help save paper, but photos and time.

 -Punch anywhere on the page or photo using the magnetic system
-Use the reverse punching mechanism and clear plastic top to punch exactly where intended
-Lock the punch in a closed position for compact storage
-Punch a 3" x 4" shape

We R Memory Keepers
3x4 Round Corners
Retail Price $29.95 My Price $19.95
We R Memory Keepers
3x4 Square Corners
Retail Price $29.95 My Price $19.95
Thanks Everyone!

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