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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CHA is a Comin'

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to post something,
Even though I have nothing to say, really.

Back ordered items are starting to arrive
and I am working on orders as quickly as I can.

We went to Utah last week, maybe 2 weeks now
Up on Friday and back on Saturday, quick trip.
Had car trouble but it was an easy fix, Thankfully!

It is hot as hades here this week,
 I am trying to stay inside as much as possible.
That doesn't always work out.

Little bit of Drama going on,
 hopefully it won't last 18 years.
I don't air my dirty laundry or I'd tell you
Kind of funny actually, I will say....
I love how I'm always the bad guy
and I'm the neutral party.

I hope your all having a Great Summer!
I know everywhere in the US has been High Temps.

CHA is Next week!

Thanks Everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Someone has to be the bad guy...You don't think the culprut will own up do you? Glad to see you are human and not some robot behind products and paypal. LOLOLOL.Personally I like being friends with the person I order from..I am sorry that life hands you lemons now and then...Just take some water and sugar and make lemonade