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Friday, February 18, 2011

So'd you all think I dropped off the planet?
Nope, been a very crazy week!
Thursday the 10th we bought a vehicle so
dd would have something to drive
took till Tuesday morning to get her on the
Insurance and get a proof of Insurance
for the vehicle. Meanwhile she hasn't driven it
hubby has been driving it and
she's been using his truck.
Tuesday night, she wrecked his truck!
So, back to a 2 car family.
My "real" job has been super busy!
Lots of projects coming up and an audit.
No time to sneak in any fun stuff during the day!
We are leaving in the morning for
the 3 day weekend.
Hopefully I will come home rested
and NOT stressed!
Ok, New Stuff, I know that's what you
really want to hear about!
The new My Pink Stamper sets will
be here Next week!
That means that the older sets that
I have on sale for $14.35
Will No longer be on sale!
So, if your missing any of those sets
Now is the time to order!
Spellbinders should arrive the
first part of March!
That is going to be worse then
Mini Madness! LOL!!
I ordered a few of the last
round of Cricut Cartridges
Campin' Critters,
Florals Embellished,
Formal Occasions,
All Sports
They are $45.95 each.
I have been picking up
Kate's ABCs
Baby Steps
At JoAnn's
I am shipping them out
in the order of the request.
I have to get some sleep!
I will be up half the night and
won't want to get up in the morning.
Have a Great Weekend!
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Hope you have a good rest, sounds like you need it. I hope your DD is ok and as well as the truck.

  2. I found you while "blog" hopping around. You offer some great deals :)