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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going to Disney?

Anyone Headed for Disney soon? DisneyLand or Disney World
I collect The Disney Antenna Toppers, I have quite the collection too!
Below are pictures of the newest toppers and I don't have them!
I have no plans to be at Disney or near there to be able to shop!!
If you are going and could purchase these for me,
I will repay you and pay for shipping from you to me!
If you choose to look for warned....there are a lot of toppers out there
and they are CUTE! You may become a collector yourself!
These are the only toppers I am after at this time
Thank you!!

Still looking for the first picture!

Thank you Cher! I got these last 2!
Thank you Tiffany!!


  1. We're going, but not until September! But, if you need any then, send me an email when we get closer!

    craftingcricutmom at gmail dot com

  2. There's a number that you can call and order anything from the park stores... I have ordered from it a few times and shipping was reasonable. WDW Mail Order 1-407-363-6200, hope that helps.

  3. Terri these are so darn cute, almost makes me want to collect them. I did say almost no room for another habit. lol I hope someone can get them for you :)

  4. Hey Terri. I have peace, love, and happiness for you. I'll keep looking for the sun for you

  5. Thank you Cher!
    Did I tell you I'm going to be staying in Jupiter Farms?

  6. How about it hold it ransom and will give it to you when we meet. I'll email you with my phone and we'll figure out how to meet!! :-)