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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Updates, News and Vacation!!

Starts Shipping Thursday!!
I will start sending PayPal invoices soon!
Check your invoice if I forgot something....
Email me and let me know!
Still NO Crazy Bird Stamps!!
They are suppose to start Shipping to me,
The very last Day of September!
I am going to beg, plead and bribe (if I need to)
to get mine here by September 7th!!
Because........Don't Panic, Please!
The Shipping Department (me)
Will be Closed From
September 8th - September 27th
Hubby and I have combined Birthdays and Anniversary
to take a cruise. We are going on an Alaskan cruise!
We have wanted to take this for a Very Long Time!!
Our Anniversary is June 11th and we spent most of our
Anniversary's in band concerts, dance recitals
or some other awesome activity!
It's only a 7 day cruise but we are taking advantage
of being in the North West
and going a few days early and staying a few days after.
So, If you've read this far.....
September's color of the month will be ordered before I leave.
So will Kit #14. All that should arrive right
around the time I get home.
There may be a slight delay in getting that out, Not much.
They just may arrive by the time I get home!!
Fingers Crossed!!
Email me!
It has been very Crazy here!
My mom has been sick, I got sick, work (real job) has been super busy!
I have been being a taxi mom again the past week and taken Joseph more then usual.
All for a good cause!
Thanks Everyone!

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  1. Terri, I know those crazy birds will fly to me. No rush, relax enjoy the travel preparations.