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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hooray!! Yay!! Finally!!

Can you all hear me yelling???
There is light at the end of tunnel called
Provo Craft has finally caught up with my orders,
Just in time for Hello Thursday!
Spellbinders shipped yesterday and They arrived in
Las Vegas today! But won't be delivered until Monday.
It's ok, I'll take it! I have hounded them since the 29th!
The rest of my new Copics has shipped and will
arrive on Thursday! I didn't say anything because I didn't want to jinx the shipment!
Thank you Copic people for being so Patient!
I took a TON of packages to the Post Office!
Yay, that felt good!
Now I can start getting caught up
with all of the above orders!
Have you heard about the
Imagine Promotion
Cricut is having?
See the post below this one.
I had a zillion things to tell you all!
Now, my mind is a blank....
Oh, I am Hosting a
Pampered Chef Show!
If you would like to order here is a link
If you live out of the country and
would like to order anything,
Email me and we will work it out.
Thanks Everyone!

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