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Monday, October 31, 2011

New Info on Imagine carts!

Provo Craft has released
Christmas Wish(Imagine cart)
Floral Emporium (Imagine cart)
to all Authorized PC retailers!!
Floral Emporium $31.95
Christmas Wish $31.95
These are paper background carts
and will only work in the
Cricut Imagine Machine
I don't have a shipping date yet
but it shouldn't be long.
I will be home very late Wednesday
actually early Thursday.
If My information is correct I should
be shipping some New Carts the following week!
Thank you everyone for your prayers and
well wishes for my dad.
My Dad has stage 4 Liver Disease.
He is still very ill, has some good days.
Most days he doesn't get up much.
Home Hospice is coming
to his home to monitor him.
I need to go home and will come back when I can.
Thanks Everyone!


  1. I'm so sorry your father is so gravely ill. I know how difficult that is, especially when you live so far away from him. Prayers and (hugs)

  2. I am keeping you and your dad in my prayers... hugs