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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you to my Dear Friends Connie and Jackie!

When I got home from CHA I had a package waiting for me. I had no idea what it was and I wasn't expecting anything. Inside were these beautiful covers for my Expression and my Cuttlebug! Connie had made them for me!! I was so surprised, I love them, the little flowers in the fabric remind me of cherry blossoms. I love homemade stuff!!
Thank you Connie!
This first picture was taken with a cell phone and the color is "off"
This picture was taken with another camera and the colors are better,
they came with a beautiful card also!
Then this morning there is knock on the door and I wasn't expecting anyone, I'm not one to just open my door when someone knocks. So, I go down and look out the window, I see a small white vehicle, no lettering on the doors. I go to the front door and hollar, who is it..... the poor man says something I didn't understand so I said what and he says it again. I stood there for a minute and finally said "I'm sorry, could you say that one more time" this time he says "flower delivery". Oh, I heard that! LOL, so I look again and sure enough this guy is standing there with flowers. So, I open the door thinking my dd got flowers from her bf and this guy says my name and sign here. My daughter comes down and we're standing there looking at these beautiful flowers. She says "there for YOU"?? gotta love this kid! "who are they from"??? Jackie you are a sweet heart! Jackie had emailed me and asked how I was, she hadn't seen me around on the boards and I told her "I was tired and didn't feel good and I was grumpy"
She sent me flowers to take away the Grumpy's!!
Thank you Jackie!!
again this picture was taken with a cell phone and the colors are washed out!

This is a much better picture of the true colors of the flowers, the roses are gorgeous!!

Yellow with red/peach edges!! BEAUTIFUL!!

This is why I do what I do!!
I have made some wonderful friends and met alot of terrific people!


  1. I always appreciate getting things handmade, as well and flowers to boost your spirits that was very thoughtful :) Also, it was very thoughtful of you to take the time to post this and let the senders know that you appreciated them and what they had done for you.

  2. ..and this is why we appreciate Terri so much, for all she does for us!
    Wow, beautiful flowers from Jackie!!
    Just love the hearts on your homepage Terri, it is so pretty in here!!

  3. I agree with Connie, Terri does so much for us, some more than others LOL and it is a small way to show here how much she is appreciated. Keep up the great work Terri you are doing a fantastic job.